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Pure Life emanating from your core in a sustainable, achievable and unique Journey:

  • Optimise health from the root of the Microbiome/Genetic Expression
  • Define your own Pure Life Health Destiny
  • Restore Microbial Energy and Efficiency under the Law of Economy, Evolution and Nature;
  • Comprehend the Power resting inside you, and release it into the world around you THROUGH your body.


Life-changing experience. It was my body's inner calling to claim its empowerment back. * Jen Rorison - Alignment Therapist…Read More
A beautiful gift to oneself that opens doors. * Dr Derine Louw - Clinical Psychologist - SA…Read More
Kate’s knowledge is phenomenal. She understands complex science at an extremely high level and can relay this information easily so that you too can understand its relevance in your life. * Dr Suse Harris – Accident and Emergency Doctor…Read More
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