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90 Days to Mastery is possible

A 90 day Reset

Pure Life programs provide an accessible and scientific guide to the fundamental principles of microbiome culturing. An exciting area only just being understood and researched, offers a new light and science to ancient disciplines. Giving health and healing a renewed approach.

There is no disease, merely symptoms that present when bacteria and genetics are in some form of imbalance. The governing microbes that have colonised in us dictate many of our traits, tastes, and lifestyle choices which result in the expression of health or disease. The microbiome is a second immune system ensuring protection against imbalanced ratios of bacteria or virus that will present symptoms of dis-ease. It structures host metabolism, and influences behaviour, from vitality to mental acuity and emotional states. These symbiotic, or parasitic, microbial partners can also drive expression of genetic mutation, from disease to dietary preference, and are now linked to genetic diversification over generations and evolutionary timescales.

Our methodology provides an easy, sustainable way of understanding and healing this exciting new discipline. Microbiome therapy demands creative and interdisciplinary thinking—the capacity to used detoxification, diet, meditation, breath and exercise to activate microbiology which in turn stabilises enzymes, hormones, immunity, full co-factor nutrition, gene’s, brain function, energy and restores health through the metabolic pathways by hacking into the existing technology that is the human body. We’ve been hacked, let’s hack ourselves back!!

The Colon, or septic tank, is the easiest organ to clean and an obvious place to start to detoxify, restore and inoculate, and also the site where most nutrient processing takes place. The best diets are no good without the right bacterial balance, if the septic tank has stagnated, then the poison being released through putrid fermentation can make its owner very sick, tired, not to mention emotionally and mentally compromised.

This proactive method of cultivating the correct balance of the collection of bacteria, archaea, fungi, protozoa and viruses sounds quite scary from germ theory medicine perspective, however when facing a super bug there is no other defence than employing the army of phage’s that are Natures balance for every possible imbalance. These tiny hero’s can wipe out a life-threatening infection over a matter of days, and they are the microbiome of the microbiome they are so tiny.

The idea of “good” and “bad” bacteria is archaic, making way for a preferred balance of about 4 aerobic bacteria to 1 anaerobic bacteria depending on the species, geography and UV exposure that adapt the superorganism that houses the little guys. The correct balance between gram + and gram – bacteria governs food requirements, waste excretion and creates the perfect balance for optimal energy to be metabolised, stored and released to sustain their host.

If waste is allowed to accumulate, it is no different from a toxic landfill site with a cocktail of chemicals being released into our body. This results in sluggish systems, inflammation, blocked lymph and a stasis that invites pathogens to stage a mutiny on the bounty of our lives. Impacted colons lead to toxaemia, plaque build-up in the GI tract, as well as arteries, veins and around organs. This will obviously affect which colonies take up residence in the colon, and will severely impair vital nutrient absorption like B vitamins and their vital role in methylation – responsible for 900 functions per second on every level from energy release to cognitive function. It will also create stress on other detoxifications like the liver, lungs and kidneys. The blood becomes thick and sludgy, putting pressure on the heart and allowing anaerobic bacteria to become systemic, infecting the blood and organs.

Through the use of coffee enema’s and implanting bacteria, we are able to cleanse and re-inoculate the system. Ticking the boxes of the 7 laws of life, for a period of 3 months brings about a true and lasting transformation.

The 90 day Reset is designed to allow you to renew every cell in their body, gain command of their minds and emotions, and colonise the colon with all the elements for optimal health. The results of gaining control and positively manipulating the microbiome and epigenetic environment are nothing short of miraculous when combined with emotional healing and mental mastery.

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