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I am a Lifestyle and Nutrition Coach. Aspects of my work include being a wellness writer and public speaker, as well as doing Bio-Energy Healing and Body Work. My passion is to empower people to take responsibility for their own health by living more consciously so that they can become their most optimal, powerful self.

I have had 25 years of experience within this field. I began my training in London with a seven year, intensive training followed by a two year internship under the Internationally renowned Naturopath, Anne-Lise Miller. I am experienced and certified in Naturopathic modalities ranging from Health Coaching, Nutrition, various integrated Massage techniques, Meditation, NLP, Reflexology, Colon Hydrotherapy, Fasting, Detoxification, Polarity Therapy, Dorn Breuss, and Meridian Therapy and Chi Nei Tsang.

Places of study include The Royal Academy of fitness coaching, British School of Complimentary Therapy, Dorset College of Natural Health in the United Kingdom. Biogenetic, Polarity Therapy, Reflexology and Meridian Therapy where in South Africa, in the last 14 years I have worked both as a consultant and therapist supporting the successful start up of Health Spas, therapy centres and health shops.

My qualifications – click here to view and download  .pdf

I train therapists across the full spectrum of my experience, along with a busy practise. I have had the gift of getting down and dirty with powerful people, and emerging in miracles as my means to providing for two incredible boys.

In the last 3 years I have, branched into Corporate Coaching with great success due to the extreme stress, environmental health threats and economic downturn, the beneficial effects of Lifestyle Management are a necessity not a luxury.

I am currently integrating 25 years worth of experience within the field of detoxification, Microbiome restoration and their effect on the activation of health or disease. The research of the Microbiome and Genetic Instruction are emerging within the scope of scientific publications that finally support the work of Dr Royal Rife and Dr Bernard Jensen amongst other great pioneers. This will see a transition from symptomatic treatment to a massive health breakthrough in accessing the actual root map to disease management and pro-active health care.

The Pure Life Health Program integrates my knowledge and experience with cutting edge scientific discoveries, chemistry, neuroscience and strategies to facilitate Epigenetic transformation as opposed to reactive treatments of symptomatic effects. We now hack our genes, health, spiritual consciousness, mental and emotional potential with ancient, proven, easy tools to optimise every area of our lives. Anything else is poorly educated, old science based ignorance, and not the most optimal choice for health.

My experience in this field gives me the perspective, tools and knowledge to integrate, very successfully and effortlessly the healing power of the Microbiome, optimal diet, tools and simplified scientific, naturopathic knowledge.



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