Our programmes

Pure Life Bio-Genetic Activation Program

include the step by step guide to setting Goals, Strategies and Actions required to activate integrated healing at home, sustainably and optimally for the individual lifestyle, requirements and genetic code.


  • Detoxification - Radically changing the Epigenetic environment
  • Methylation, Genetic Testing - Understanding your unique blue print
  • Restore the Micro biome – Gardening in the Gut
  • Epigenetic hacking with Nutrigenomics
  • The Art of Relaxation – Meditation; why, how and proper powerful use
  • DNA Activation – Mentally, Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually
  • Belief System Check
  • Scientific Super Conscious Activation
  • Knowledge, support and daily application of the Laws of Life
  • Health and Lifestyle Alchemy


  • Full Medical History
  • Emotional, Mental, Spiritual Belief checking and changing
  • Pure Life Health Regime
  • Goal, Strategy and Action Setting Coaching


  • Enema kits
  • Fermenting kits
  • Detox Packs
  • Fasting Packs
  • Genetic Co-Factor Packs
  • Alchemical Lifestyle Modules 7 Week Regime for complete health transformation