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Detox Programme – Step 1


Purification of the Mind

Take a good, hard, honest look at yourself. Most of us don’t really like what we see or what we’ve become. Too few of us have achieved the dreams and goals we set for ourselves, and those who have have probably had to sacrifice or compromise too much along the way. We’ve also accumulated a lifetime of bad habits, conditioned behaviours and negative thought patterns that have begun to mask the authentic individual hiding inside each and every one of us.

The process of rediscovering that authentic self means going back to the core and detoxifying yourself spiritually, psychologically and emotionally. Our families, our societal and cultural norms and our religions have all imposed upon us ideas, thought patterns, structures and habits by which we identify and quantify ourselves. Much of that provides a vital security and sense of belonging that we all crave, but the urge to fit in and conform can also result in us denying who we really are and what we really need. This can lead to our losing sight of how to live our lives as honestly and productively as we should.

The good news is that you can rediscover yourself at any moment. You can set new goals and achieve them. You can rid yourself of years of baggage and wipe the slate clean. You can find peace and joy and happiness. You can still live an authentic life.

The Daily Journal

Your first step is to go out and buy a journal. Your second step is to write in it every day. In order to cleanse the mind, we first have to sort through all the conflicting, mostly negative thoughts that fill our conscious and subconscious mind. Take a step back and observe. Without the expense and support of an analyst of some kind, daily pages are the next best step.

Two or three pages a day begin as a chore and end as a motivational release. The saboteur in you will try everything to avoid this task, but don’t let it. Make this commitment to yourself and find the time, even if it means getting up fifteen minutes earlier. Use this tool to pour out every emotion, express guilt, vent rage, set goals and note dreams. Acknowledge your mistakes, recognise the negative patterns that repeat over and over, learn from them and move on. Once you start to put all of your thoughts to paper you will be amazed at how much lighter you feel.

Remember – congestion of the mind leads to congestion of the body and manifests as illness. Negative energy is wasteful and harmful energy. Once we neutralise it we can begin to work on the creation of positive energy in the mind and then the body and spirit will reap the benefits.

So start writing, keep writing and you will have begun to heal yourself.

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