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Detox Programme – Step 2

Purification of the Body

“The sages of the ancient world were well aware of the inseparable link between the state of the body and the state of the mind, for they knew that the toxic blood and tissues form a breeding ground not only for the disease and degeneration of the human body, but the darkening and degeneration of the human spirit. Many ancient scriptures prescribe fasting and detox as the first preliminary steps on the path of spiritual self-cultivation. Today the mutual dependence of physical and spiritual health has largely been forgotten, and few people see the causal connection between the massive pollution of the planet and the degradation of the human body, and rampant crime, chronic violence and spiritual malaise that marks human life in contemporary times. According to the psycho physiological prescription of the ancient sages who gave birth to western civilisation, cleaning up the planet and detoxifying the human body are the best medicine of all both for restoring peace on earth and reviving health and spiritual integrity of humanity.” (The Toa of Detox – Daniel Reid)

Detoxification deals with the biochemistry of the eliminatory systems. This includes the toxic waste from metabolism, food and water ingested, air breathed and substances applied to the skin, hair and nails. Every cell in the body, of which there are approximately 37.2 trillion, has to eliminate waste in order to regenerate. 99% of diseases can be related to degenerative conditions, most of which stem from poor elimination of toxins. Our “civilised” lifestyles ensure the input of a host of refined, saturated foods packed with chemicals, preservatives, additives and pesticides, which the body is unable to digest. Poor elimination means that excessive waste is stored in the colon, resulting in the accumulation of impacted waste. It also affects the whole digestive tract and when that is full, it will move on to the hips and thigh’s as fat and cellulite.

Signs that the colon is overloaded are Irritable Bowel Syndrome, constipation, spastic colon, water retention, bloating and wind. Other common symptoms of a toxic digestive system are sinus, headaches and migraine, acne, eczema, arthritis, thrush and cystitis. Most of us learn to live with these ailments, but we don’t have to. Your body is giving you a message that something is not as it should be and you should learn to listen when it cries for help. Your body is an amazing machine – it has all it needs to heal and regenerate itself provided you give it the clean environment to do so. This can be achieved through a good detoxification and cleansing programme of fasting and colonic hydrotherapy.

Fasting is vitally important. It gives the body a chance to rest and recharge, in particular the digestive system. During the course of a normal day the liver and other digestive organs are so busy processing and metabolising all the food and other environmental agents that come into the body that cleansing the system falls far behind in the normal order of things. Once the system is given a break from its daily grind, it can spend its entire time cleaning house. Toxins can be released from all parts of the body and eliminated from and by the system far more effectively and completely.

Although a 5-7 day fast will do you the world of good by purifying your blood, cleansing the lymphatic system and detoxifying the tissues, it will remove the 2-7kg of toxic waste that has become deeply impacted in your bowels from years of bad eating habits. This is the only way to rid your body of this waste, combining an elimination fast with colonic irrigation or enema’s.

Colon Hydrotherapy dates back to 1600BC, documented in the book of Essene, the hieroglyphs and the Yogi practices. It has also been an integral part of South African traditional healing methods. It is now a popular and acceptable therapy practiced all over the world to aid all healing from a host of disorders and diseases. Hydrotherapy is a gentle means of thorough elimination of accumulated waste. It works on the naturopathic principle that the body is capable of healing itself if it is allowed to. By eliminating old waste the body can absorb and utilise nutrients more effectively and the intestinal flora can flourish in a newly cleaned and balanced environment.

Enema’s aid the body in healing a multitude of diseases that cause serious and debilitating symptoms. Without the build up of waste and toxins the skin is rejuvenated, the lungs are able to work to their full capacity and the digestive tract functions at optimal efficiency, resulting in increased energy, vitality and balance within. The body is then able to heal most illnesses, or manage serious diseases more effectively, resulting in a marked improvement in the quality of life. If you are choosing this approach then you are choosing a proactive, preventative method of managing your health.

Cleansing is a physical, spiritual and emotional experience. The supplements include all nutrients required for the functioning of the body. It is possible to cope with a normal day, however it is important to rest as much as possible. Make space for a nap, for meditation and prayer or quiet contemplation. Write in your journal every day.

Keep your day as clear as possible and only do as much as you have to, remembering that a certain amount of activity is needed to keep your mind off food! Keeping out of shops and restaurants and away from social events involving food will help to remove temptation from your path. Keep focused on what it is you are trying to achieve. Do not be put off by the short-term cravings or side effects of the programme – they will pass and you will be left feeling stronger than ever before.

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