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Fix your Gut – Fix your weight

The Microbiome is the term used to describe the ecology. It co-evolves with our consciousness when in proper balance is our self-generating vitamin processor, activating the natural healing of the body way beyond any external sources of medicine, therapy or supplement ever could. When the Microbiome activates healing, it is miraculous. This huge unseen world previously hidden from us, is a new map of how the body works, how it heals and how to become masters of our own health. They are the trillions of mostly friendly bacteria that co-exist with us in every bodily function. They balance and modulate the immune system. They govern the entire digestive process, they help in the development of the brain and its functions. They are the gatekeepers with a huge intelligence that know exactly what it needs to do to process the flow of information from food, processing the nutrients, and the expressing of life force. They outnumber our cells 10 – 1, their Genes outnumber ours at about 150 – 1 and can maintain our health or destroy it by activating or silencing the potential for all health and all disease present in the Human Genome. The microbiome processes and provides us with all our needs, far in excess of the known vitamins could express including cofactors, enzymes and absorbable nutrition. Its all free, and can be cultivated to heal or kill.

So let’s think about how bacteria digest plant cellulose, most of it the threat to the waistline and strongly avoided in a paleo diet or any other low carb diet. By breaking down the undigested plant matter through a process of fermentation they produce every nutrient vital to a healthy host organism to ensure the continuation of Life. Microbes require the glucose to convert into our crucial methyl B vitamins or the active ingredients in hormone production like serotonin.

If we remove certain strains of bacteria through sterile, GMO and antibiotic-infected food, and that is just a start to the list of factors that disturb our organisms, we remove certain necessary, active colonies of our microbial community. If we remove the guys that digest plant cellulose then that glucose is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, causing bloating, fat build-up – as the body’s way of storing what it is not using, not to mention insulin resistance which causes that tyre to form around the midriff.

We are quite capable of living with imbalance. Our global crisis shows that humanity and our population mimic the bacterial colonies inside our gut, and that we are able to live in sub-optimal conditions without apparent symptoms, or is it just that we are not listening to the warning signs. Beer boep’s, menopausal belly, and going pear-shaped is now the normal sentence when it comes to aging. We expect to degenerate, so we accept the inevitable outcome without much questioning as to whether this is the truth. Sure, it is the outcome of this particular formula of ‘civilized life’ with pollution, stress, time demands and the ever-increasing speed of living. But is it the Truth of what these bodies are capable of, and what if the conditions changed radically, would that shift the output potential?

The most extensive research has been carried out on the microbial effects on weight and diabetes through the successful use of implanting the stools of skinny people into obese people, with incredible results. The key is that live cultures are placed in the proper environment in the proper balance of symbiotic organisms. It is not a laboratory-grown, isolated bacteria needing to survive the hostile stomach acids, but a sample of an entire ecology which is then propagated in its correct environment. As they colonise they merge with their host and become symbiotic with us. They will alter our taste buds, improve the environment by altering the chemistry, and restore the natural balance in all bodily systems.

The individual not only loses weight but becomes a happy, sustainable individual in the process. The bottom line is that implanting live bacteria does not have to belong to somebody else’s stool, there are wonderful live fermented products containing the various strains of biota required to restore and activate our indoor composting system. Gut gardening is permaculture, activating the organisms that properly digest our food and whose waste is the best nutrition we could ever imagine. Weight loss is a by-product of proper healing. It is more like, fix your gut, fix your whole being!!


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