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Hacking your Brain State

It is in fact quite simple to free ourselves from these invisible shackles that bind us.  Practice the Art of not thinking.  Disciplines, Intention, Desire are the keys to attain a balance between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.  For while the Heart Field contains and sustains the seed of Life, it is the Brains Field that will activate proper communication and activation of the Divine Matrix versus the artificial matrix being in perpetual control through voluntary submission.

There are 5 natural brain wave states; Beta, Alpha, Theta, Gamma, Delta. When the two hemispheres of the brain are unified within the slower waves of Theta, Delta or Gamma, the vehicle will align with higher states of consciousness.  When Two become One, we contain the key to accessing the higher consciousness.

Our brains are electrochemical organs, and its electricity is measured in brainwaves

Beta: 13 – 40 Hz or cycles per second. The normal awakened state (the monkey mind is in control of the chemistry and balance of the body – stress = faster heartbeat, adrenaline, shallow breathing. While living as if on holiday in the moment = balance in all systems).  Unconscious Mind is generally in control.  We are under the hypnotic control of our wounds, thoughts fire randomly and we generally waste this energy with moving through our precious time and spaces in the most horrendous lack of awareness.  The general population are merely a mass of mindless consumers to unconscious desires and addiction based in lack, fear and ignorance of who they truly are, while blessed with massive nuclear fusion potential, we walk around traumatized, hypnotized victims of a self imposed, self regulated mental slavery.  With the first step to stilling this and breaking the bondage, we are elevated to the next, and highly creative state;

Alpha:  Is the bridge between Theta and Beta, the conscious and unconscious mind.  The creative and receptive state where it is able to meditate, create, reflect, daydream, light hypnosis, creative visualization and artistic and intuitive processes, time in nature, rest and exercise.  This is the ideal state for learning, the brainwaves have slowed, and the left and right hemispheres are vibrating in unison.  We are able to transmit and receive signals and images from one side of the brain to the other.  We become conscious, creative and begin to resonate with the Universal Mind.  This is when our intuition can speak without being judged, suppressed, or assassinated by implanted self- regulating belief systems, imposed to limit the vast potential expression of the signal of the Soul.  The Soul receives and emits signal through the use of the body and its double helix DNA strand, in essence an antennae.

Theta:  4 – 8hz –much slower waves and are associated with the first stage of the sleep state, dreaming and deep levels of meditation, inspired creativity and imagination in addition to inspired genius, creativity, recall and mystical states of intuitive perception.  The brain goes to a space of low, slow vibration.  With the hemispheres synced and the conscious mind in a trance, the subconscious mind can express itself in dreams and visions.  From a conscious state of meditation we are able to access the Higher Conscious mind of both our Monad (higher self), and the Highest Frequencies and Vibration of our Universe.  This consciousness travels at the speed of light cubed

Gamma and Delta:  ½ – 4hz deep REM sleep, hypnotic states and processes of self-healing.  Completely unconscious time where the body is able to release melatonin, which is the hormone that mops up the free radicles left over from all the thoughts fired both consciously and unconsciously.  If this state is not reached on a daily basis aging and disease set in.

Interestingly, our hearts show electrical vibration patterns in almost the same range of the brains’ delta waves.

With current technology we are able to hack these states quickly through the use of binaural beats, hemi synch brain entrainment, classical music, sound/vibration healing.  A sports man will reach this state with the beat of his feet or paddle and will tend to have a very deep connection to his true power weather he understands it consciously or not.  The movements of water, clouds in the sky or the moment we drift into sleep are the most powerful times to impress the subconscious mind.  Those states are gateways and have been set in reverse…  So that we can re-member, re-claim and re-direct our True, Sovereign Minds.


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