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Life in its incredible variety

Microbiomes and Health

Life in its incredible variety and genetic mutation is the longest-running science experiment, and yet our scientists have only just begun to research the organisms that started it. Over billions of years, microbes have fermented in the primordial oceans morphing and adapting to food sources, climate, and environmental conditions.

The founders of Life in all its varied expressions on Earth. These symbiotic single-cell life forms fermented the perfect balance of chemistry to make our planet habitable for our existence, and in a couple of hundred years, we have managed to endanger our source of life through sheer ignorance and greed.

We have destroyed a very fragile environment, and yet it can restore itself in miraculous time if we just pay it some much-needed attention. The original bioengineers, the microscopic world have been traumatised through pesticides, antibiotics, untold pollution and environmental stress.

It has mutated to resist antibiotics, sterilised into imbalance and become one of the biggest threats to an already overwhelming health crisis. It is so powerful, however, that the tide can be turned at any point. It is not too late, we still contain the potential to turn this disaster around with a little time and cultivation.

Overcoming all inhibition and aversion, we find our biggest colonies of microbes in the colon, and learn to culture them to optimise the energy of life. The armies of billions are the actual metabolic engine that do the biochemical engineering for every function necessary to sustain our vital energy and excellent health.

We are culture vessels for organisms that seek to sustain, feed and protect life, transferring those desires to their hosts through a complex ‘wifi’ mechanism. This journey inspires wonder and deep healing, as the complex secret organ that has driven life since its origin is cultivated, and microbes are introduced back into a healthy clean environment.

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