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Naturopathy is a healing system using the power of nature, it is considered an art, science and philosophy. The naturopathic method of healing has existed since the dawn of humanity, its early history is in fact the history of all medicine in all cultures.

The term Naturopathic Hydrotherapy indicates a healing process based on fasting, dietary manipulation and hydrotherapy. However, in modern times naturopathy includes many other modalities and disciplines. It now means natural healing using natural herbs, supplements, diets and therapies while adhering to the Laws of Life and Nature.

The foundation of naturopathic medicine is based on the philosophy of Vis Medicatrix Naturae “the healing power of nature”. This phrase was coined by Hipprocrates (460 – 370 BC) – although natural healing was around long before even that era. This doctor of ancient Greece practiced medicine in a naturopathic manner and advocated use of the healing power of nature. He was specific in his opposition to harsh medication, to administration of drugs and to unnecessary meddling by the physician, believing very strongly that the body has a self-healing mechanism that must be aided in every way possible. It is ironic that the modern allopathic practice of using drugs is carried out by doctors who swear on the Hippocratic oath, very hypocritical!!!. Hippocrates instructed his students to follow nature and do no harm to their patients.

Paracelsus, another famous physician, who practiced natural medicine in the 16th Century in Switzerland, said that nature is the physician and that the doctor is her servant, not her enemy, IN ORDER TO GUIDE THE NATURAL HEALING PROCESS. He also emphasized the need for fasting and detoxification as a tool for healing. Their first questions would have been about diet, sleep and elimination, followed by a prescription of barley broth, a change of air quality, rest or water. Herbs, steaming, poultices all part of the True Doctors choices before more invasive treatment.

With the proper research now being done into the Microbiome and Genetics being made available to the public, we are able to take our own Oath and get out the way, and allow nature to do her job. Headaches, tiredness and flu symptoms are all happy expressions of dangerous poisons leaving the body. Perhaps we should start at the beginning, return to the root of the disease instead of fighting symptoms. Perhaps the forefathers of medicine where wiser than all our modern ‘scientists’, and their ‘discoveries’ of toxic, degeneration with a treatment of more toxicity.

What if it is a simple as the 2,5 million year old fermentation process that gave birth to life? Just maybe we’ve been looking at it from the wrong angle, maybe it is really simple.


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