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21 Day Lifestyle Reset


Join The Pure Life 21 Day Lifestyle Reset.

It’s filled with simple but powerful health hacks that you can start doing right away. Take back your health today !

If you sign up for the 21 Day Lifestyle Reset, you will also SAVE with amazing discounts on other incredible life changing programmes.



Pure Life 21 Day Microbial Reset. In just 21 days, we’ll give you simple, easy hacks tools to take back your health – tools you can use for the rest of the year and the rest of your life.

This is what you will get during your 21 Days:

  1. At the beginning of your journey you will share your full medical, mental and emotional case history with Kate, followed by the full program for you to read through and understand.
  2. Every day you’ll receive hacks, recipes, inspiration and a platform to share in our private WhatsApp communication. Together, we will weave the new habits in as you let go of the old, within a fully supported and nurturing holding space of your personal coach. You start by exploring the arsenal of tools in your daily routine and choose which work and which are not for you. We go at your pace. Not to mention delicious recipes, links to learning, meditations and advice as to the best supplements and how they to take them to fit you personally. Not too bad !
  3. Details. You’ll be sent your shopping list so that you are prepared for the daily hacks to get started, we will keep the hacks that work going for the 21 days so that you are left with sustainable habits. We want to make it as simple as possible for you so I break it down to as simple a process as possible, preparing you for every step of the program, and where to shop (if you are not so sure).
  4. I support you with all the hacks I share on WhatsApp and email. You’ll have everything you need.
  5. Together we set your intention and goals for the 21 days and beyond, so that we can keep you on track according to your objective.
  6. Questions are welcome, and we will be connected for the whole 21 days, so should you require any extra detox, emotional, or mental resilience coaching, I will make ourselves available to make sure you feel safe and held at all times.

This leads to the follow on programs which are reduced in price for Clients who have completed the first 21 Day module:

    • GUT GARDENING Package which is reduced to R2,000
    • 90 DAY MASTERY Programme  50% off for those that want to go to the next level at only R2,500.00 per month.
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