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3 Month Bio-Hacking Master Program for Professionals Reaching your Exceptional



The 3 Month Bio-Hacking Mastery Program is a 90 Day metabolic and microbial reset, with delicious individualised menus and supplementation regime coaching.

This program is designed to uplevel you in all areas of Life. You set your intent, and we turn the ship around together, setting sail to your most Powerful Destiny.

Three months allows you to settle into new habits and routines, re-enforce them and feel safe to detoxify, settle old emotional triggers while intending your future from a still clear centre.

We specialise in training the clients, or their carers into a Naturopathic approach, addressing supplements, diet and general rehabilitation protocols.

Empowering you with home-based enema’s, anxiety techniques, herbal remedies and dietary interventions, this takes home-based wellness to another level.



 Full medical, mental and emotional case history with Kate Forbes.
 One coaching session per week for 12 weeks
 Weekly PDF supporting the journey, making sure you have it all on record.
 Daily hacks, recipes, inspiration and a platform to share in our private WhatsApp communication.
 Together, we will weave the new habits in as you let go of the old, within a fully supported and nurturing holding space of your personal coach.
 Exploring the arsenal of tools in your daily routine and choose which work and which are not for you is an empowering choice.
 Delicious recipes, links to learning, meditations.
 Personalised recommended supplementation.
 Shopping lists, weekly menu changes, and adjustments according to your symptoms.
 I am your personal coach that cares about how you are feeling, any reactions and support in meeting the temptations of life.
 You set your intention and goals for the 90 days and beyond, so that we can keep you on track according to your objective.
 Questions are welcome, and we will be connected for the whole 90 days, so should you require any extra detox, emotional, or mental resilience coaching, I will make time available to ensure you feel safe and held at all times.
 Gut Gardening, mastering the technique, herbal and microbial
recipe’s and PDF.
 Tissue cleansing regime.

What is not included: Supplements, laboratory, genetic or any other required testing.

(R2500 p/m)

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