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90 Days to Mastery is possible

A 90 day Reset Pure Life programs provide an accessible and scientific guide to the fundamental principles of microbiome culturing. An exciting area only just being understood and researched, offers a new light and science to ancient disciplines. Giving health…

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Life in its incredible variety

Microbiomes and Health Life in its incredible variety and genetic mutation is the longest-running science experiment, and yet our scientists have only just begun to research the organisms that started it. Over billions of years, microbes have fermented in the…

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Why that word “diet” is important

Cultivating Pure Life We have a billion cells in our central nervous system, with 10 trillion connections. All of that electric connective wiring must be insulated by the Myelin Sheath. The breakdown of the Myelin Sheath results in a shrinking…

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5 Reasons to Gut Garden

When you plant a garden, you know you’ll need to give it some attention, especially once things start growing. When there isn’t enough rain, you’ll need to water it. Then you’ll have to start pulling weeds before they take over.…

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Fix your Gut – Fix your weight

The Microbiome is the term used to describe the ecology. It co-evolves with our consciousness when in proper balance is our self-generating vitamin processor, activating the natural healing of the body way beyond any external sources of medicine, therapy or…

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Hacking your Brain State

It is in fact quite simple to free ourselves from these invisible shackles that bind us.  Practice the Art of not thinking.  Disciplines, Intention, Desire are the keys to attain a balance between the left and right hemispheres of the…

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Tools for developing Genius

Step 1: Intention is the aiming of the arrow. Combined with will and energy becomes the generating energy to ensure success. Be very clear on every detail of the goal. Whether it be health, abundance, relationship mental state or circumstances.…

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Your most powerful resource

Your most powerful resource – Attention and where you place it The Will is the power to control the magnetic field around you. Science has now proven that determination and will can cure disease, change circumstance or act to remove…

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The Art of Relaxation

Living a Life of Effortless Effort The Art of Relaxation is a journey during which a space/time opportunity to retreat from our lives for a few days, weeks or even months if necessary, is opened with the intention of creating…

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Detox Programme – Step 2

STEP 2 Purification of the Body “The sages of the ancient world were well aware of the inseparable link between the state of the body and the state of the mind, for they knew that the toxic blood and tissues…

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