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It feels like “life-changing” is a cliché, but literally, this experience with the gut gardening and awareness of co-creation with the biome has morphed, re-incarnated my being into something completely different. My experience now, three and a half months later, but even in the first six months are light, agile, full of energy, empowered because every time I feel something in the body, I have a formula, I have the hacks and know which hack to put when and where.

I also felt the journey in the first six months extremely supported by Kate and what she represents. Her wisdom from personal experience is so valuable, in that it wasn’t just a theory she had learned somewhere or a method. It was somewhere she had been right to the bottom of, and so what has come out of it is an absolute truth, which is also constantly evolving and is also what I enjoy about this. I am now evolving with it.

I feel it is invaluable, something we should have been educated into before school. It is something that should become a way of life. I am very grateful to have called out to Kate after the health scare of a heart by-pass that I had, because I feel that it was my body’s inner calling to claim its empowerment back.

– Jen Rorison – Alignment Therapist – SA

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