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I am a 41 year old mum of two from the uk, and am a practicing emergency medicine doctor.
I did Kate’s 90 day program. At first glance, because the daily hacks were so simple, I underestimated their power but once I did incorporate them properly, they steadily built up to make great improvements in my life.
My gut health has improved massively, as has that of the whole family!
Kate’s knowledge is phenomenal. She understands complex science at an extremely high level and can relay this information easily so that you too can understand it’s relevance in your life.
Kate is amazing at communicating a wide range of information in understandable terms.
Kate has a great understanding of people and their programs. She saw my patterns clearly and relayed these and their relevance so that I too could see them. This wasn’t always easy to hear -but I was willing to listen as Kate broke down how I was behaving and then helped me utilise the daily hacks to change and make new patterns so that I slowly and steadily moved from the old patterns of survival and victimhood to new patterns of thriving.
I highly recommend Kate as a mentor. She Is a no-nonsense and clear communicator. I have learnt a lot from her and with her firm and steady support I have managed to make long lasting changes in aspects of my life that i was previously not able to. Thank you Kate!!! You and your teachings are fool proof and amazing!!!

– Dr Suse Harris – Accident and Emergency Doctor, UK

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