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The Art of Relaxation

Living a Life of Effortless Effort

The Art of Relaxation is a journey during which a space/time opportunity to retreat from our lives for a few days, weeks or even months if necessary, is opened with the intention of creating a healed, whole, happy self. Removing as much of the constant stimuli that consistently re-enforces who we think we are. To separate ourselves from the things that we do, the places that we go, the people that we know, the foods that we eat, the habitual thoughts that we think, words that we say, actions that we take… or not, at the same time every day, long enough to help us remember who we truly are underneath all the common conditions. Pure, Divine, Supernatural, Power and Potential.

When we are able to get beyond the pre-programming that society, education, parents and peers have placed upon us, we can access a much greater potential.

Restoring neuro-plasticity and allowing neuro-pathways to travel different courses, we begin to understand how powerful the brain technology is, and how poorly we have used it.

Neutralizing wounded belief systems we neutralizes emotional charges that have bound behavioural patterns that bind our consciousness to the frequency of shame, guilt, and self-sabotaging paralysis. When we begin to surrender to the present moment, letting go of all identities, contracts, and false belief patterns, we can release our full genius potential for creation into the field around us – Miracles!!!

As we retreat from our lives, and are able to forget about co-dependent relationships, addictive habits, financial stress, work exhaustion, our disease… we are able to relax into the Truth of our Spirits. We can finally meet that Holy Instant where we can turn our attention all the way in to the Divine.

In the beginning of the journey you are excited at the setting of your potential greatness and your desire to achieve it. Then you commit to setting the alarm to 4am, activate detoxification headaches and cause your heart to feel more than it has in a lifetime. Then we hit the powerful questions. The questions that have caused your disease, exhaustion, confusion or loss of passion. Do you really want to change? How have you identified yourself through your story? Is it true? What has it cost you? How has it served you? We will have a couple of challenging moments. Yet, when you have felt the feeling, checked in with the story, and identified that its time for a change, we can transform the magnetic story line, the one that sets our attention to look for proof of belief systems, no matter whether they are positive or negative. We have created every situation, circumstance and experience to this moment, when we can begin to forge new neurological pathways, set scientifically true affirmations to replace the outmoded virus, we can create a new reality consciously and powerfully. If you create new feelings, based in your true authentic self; it results in transformed beliefs and perceptions magnetically transforming the conditions and circumstances of life. Melting all tension, harmful behaviour, habits, addictions, obsessions, ill health and mental challenges into a transfigured state to fit the new magnetic story line.

A sincere intention, and willingness to feel and explore, with humility in the knowledge that something has to die before we can create the space for something new to take its place. Embracing the drama and story held within the Life – Death – Life journey, choosing to activate the disintegration. Willingly allowing parts of our selves to die so that new seeds can be planted is very brave and liberating. Life is now a magical journey through a beautiful, intended garden, destiny not fully known, just intention, faith and sound beliefs. The shattered and broken shards of self lovingly glued together to mosaic a vase for the beautiful roses.

Our bodies are held within our light body, we are always in a perfect, whole, infinite state. The human perception within any given individual is a hologram giving the appearance of a segmented experience with a view to the soul learning certain laws, lessons and the use of free will. When we drop the superstition of the material world, and our faith and belief that it is the only reality. We begin to comprehend that there is a powerful morphic resonance with the belief that we live in physical bodies. This belief allows the experience in 3D and its laws must be honoured with the proper elements to sustain its powerful electro-magnetic potential. The easiest way to address electric potential is within the realm of cellular health.

The intention of this program is to raise your frequency by supporting the physical, mental and emotional bodies, to make contact with authentic vibrational blue print and maintain it. Breaking the matrix where the lower vibrational frequencies distort the harmonic of truth.

DNA and RNA process is very malleable and can be altered very easily, negatively or positively. Environmental insults, nutritional deficiencies or genetic SNP’s all play a large role in the intracellular frequency being emitted.

Along with happy populations of microbes, ensuring healthy immunity, digestion and optimum energy synthesis, meditation, nature and symbiosis are all the ingredients needed for this miracle formula.

The Art of Relaxation is the Art of Living Sustainably. Effortless effort the goal of life. If we are stressed, sick or poor, we are compromising the Laws of Life. We are eating the fruit of the tree of death, it scientifically ends in disease, we have proven that over and over. This can be corrected very simply, humbly and happily, with immediate results showing in all area’s of our lives.


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