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Tools for developing Genius

Step 1:

Intention is the aiming of the arrow. Combined with will and energy becomes the generating energy to ensure success. Be very clear on every detail of the goal. Whether it be health, abundance, relationship mental state or circumstances. Journal, draw a picture, feel the satisfaction, joy and peace you will feel when you have achieved your goal, perceive what you will spend your energy, health, money, company doing.

Forethought and intention are the basis of all invention, discovery or creation. By retaining the image, patiently and persistently, it will be followed by motivation, opportunities and manifestation. The seed that becomes a flower, becomes the Garden, becomes Heaven on Earth in our Lifetime.

Step 2:

Every man has his own idea of Will, God or integrity. Pure Will aligned with moral integrity is the most powerful. Desire aligned with Divine Will is sure of quick manifestation, as opposed to self serving, negative desire. Knowing that something is ‘right’ gives one a sense of peace, excitement, and confidence, thus ensuring the state required for commanding the magnetic field. If we can remove all lower states of envy, revenge, selfishness and hatred, and replace with love, compassion and forgiveness, a higher and faster state is aligned with and manifestation becomes a matter of time.

Pray with Will, sure and confident of the goodness, service, love and peace that your desire will bring to you and all you touch. This ensures the dedication one requires to face challenges. Reflect, be sure then pray with confidence, awaken the Will in purity and integrity. Command the Divine Matrix with a sense of justice to all. Ensure that the mind is in a calm, balanced state through the use of breath, meditation, hemi-synch brain training. This will get easier with practice.

Step 3:

Engaging, training and commanding the unconscious mind ensures that every action will be dedicated to the end result without engaging in sabotage of self or exhausting precious life force. When we see that our best work is done when we are free from judgment, fear or need, we become more trusting of our prayers in Truth, and know when this is so. Infusing the Power of the Divine Grace into our efforts is done through faith, not desire or control.

The repetition of your dream, affirmation or prayer is key to programming the subconscious. At first we are unconsciously unconscious, then consciously unconscious, the consciously conscious, then consciously unconscious, as in learning to ride a bike. Repeat, especially before sleep, after setting intention daily will become a chosen belief, goal and outcome. As opposed to unconscious belief systems, action and victim to circumstance.





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