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Toxicity – the root of all disease

Ten different cases, with the same diagnoses can present themselves in a week – be it diabetes, cancer, eating disorders or addiction, each case will have taken a different route to the same diagnosis. So it is impossible to treat them all effectively in the same way. The disease has a range of symptoms, the cause will always be a unique formula, the journey to health always the same: Detoxify, Rebuild, Inoculate, and Sustain Health. Unique adaptations to individual gene expression, digestion and lifestyle requirements are merely tweaks to be made along the way..

Healing is a journey of finding ‘the courage to change the things we can, accept the things we cant and the wisdom to know the difference’.

Naturopathy addresses the emotional, mental and spiritual imbalance in addition to the physical symptoms that result in symptoms of disease, addiction, or illness. Or defined as removing obstacles to homoeostasis and restoring the body’s natural rhythm.

Starting at the point of disease, and toxicity in the body, healing is an inspiring and miraculous journey as the body is designed to survive. Even a terminal, degenerative disease is merely the body in a state of healing crises, calling for help, when addressed, is mostly fully able of being transformed into a healthier, happy and more experienced state. The worst case is to manage pain and inflammation, the best complete healing on all levels.

Two out of every three people in the civilised world will experience some sort of cancer, in places like America, 91% of the population will contract a type of cancer, 51% of the deaths are due to heart disease. If we cast our minds back to the1920’s when margarine was introduced to the American market, we see the instance of heart disease rise in direct relation to the decrease in the use of butter and other whole foods.

The human race is degenerating physically, spiritually, morally, mentally and emotionally, this is evident every day on the news and television. ‘Diseases’ such as Autism spectrum are the fastest growing epidemics in the modern world, now affecting 1 in 60 children. It has been linked to the mercury rich preservatives in the vaccinations being given to the world – these are also directly linked to the uncontrollable rise in ADD, ADHD and child cancer. Yet we continue to offer our children in blind faith that this is for their good. Children’s hospitals are full of diseases like spinal bifida, rare leukaemia’s and cancers never before seen in children. These can be linked through epigenetics and genetic expression to environmental insults the child may have experienced directly related to pollution, poor diet during pregnancy – coffee, sugar, acidic diet – and stress, all avoidable if the parents begin to take responsibility for their health. These diseases are the sins of the fathers, the victims are the children, and the evolution of the diseases, terrifying. Implementing change within the schools is urgently required as a form of life skill that is being blocked by the education departments. Governments, pharmaceutical companies, and old school allopathic medicine make huge amounts of money in the vaccination and disease of the human race. Chemotherapy brings in billions of dollars, euro’s and rand’s the world over – it does not serve the current world order to empower the communities of the earth. So that leaves it up to us to do for ourselves, the gift!!

Hospitals, places of healing are directly violating the laws of health merely by the food alone, and are depositories for drugs, and men who have been empowered to the status of gods over the individuals free choice for good health. Doctors, who learn everything about disease and chemicals, very little to nothing about health or nutrition, and have the power of life and death.

Since the 1900 we have invented over 200 000 new chemicals. The sad fact being that there are precious few human beings who are NOT some how polluted by chemicals. They are in the food that we eat due to fertilisers, insecticides, the air that we breath, air conditioning, cigarettes smoke, radiation due to cell phones etc, etc, etc…Farming methods are also a big problem as the soil is being over used, all natural minerals and elements have been long since depleted, and most of the fertilisers used in mass farming are chemical based and not natural.

Fast foods, and fast lifestyles are major contributing factors to our diminishing quality of life and evolution of dreaded disease. Junk foods have crept into all most authentic native nations that used to live off the land. Bright light syndrome has blinded the African nation, which has resulted in conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer emerging in communities that did not understand what illness was until the 1940’s struggling to support those coming home to die. Healthy, natural cultures have been so addicted to sugar, tobacco, refined foods, that rural, poor villages go without proper food, seeds for farming in favour of addiction. Modern ‘civilisation’ has created both a huge market for the pharmaceutical companies, along with an epidemic of illness that is impossible to meet under current health care, causing medical aids to go under and health insurance to become unaffordable.

It is time to take responsibility for our health and stop searching for the magic pill, which the state of health in our world at the moment is proving does not exist. Proactive, preventative health care is a responsibility that is taught. A five minute consultation and a script is no longer the answer. There is now no excuse for not knowing what genes we have, or how to manage them before turning to chemicals. A simple investigation into the individuals lifestyle, stress, diet and the prescription of natural diet, supplement and lifestyle changes combined with cleansing, and a bit of work on the part of the patient, will result in miracles.

Suffering in old age and disease are mostly avoidable if the basic laws of life are adhered to. If we educate our children from the world go, we could easily live a sustainable future, learning from our past and choosing our NOW.


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