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Why that word “diet” is important

Cultivating Pure Life

We have a billion cells in our central nervous system, with 10 trillion connections.
All of that electric connective wiring must be insulated by the Myelin Sheath.
The breakdown of the Myelin Sheath results in a shrinking of the brain as well as a malfunction and leak in electric impulses resulting in Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s, to name but a few.

The body requires the full spectrum of nutrients and vitamins like methylated B vitamins, Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Iodine and all the co-enzymes, antioxidants and substrates required to synthesize organic life in our bodies and regenerate as quickly as we degenerate.

For example:
• The neurotransmitters that govern the gut/brain access and their synapses require plenty of Sulfur and B6

• The Mitochondria, the tiniest organism in the cell is the source of all our energy production. This little powerhouse also needs its methylated B vitamins, Sulfur and antioxidants to function at full potential.

• Methylation (the proper derivative of vitamin B synthesis). is responsible for over 900 bodily functions per second, it’s your starter motor, the sustained energy release as well as most mental functions to name but three. Adding over the counter B vitamins is definitely not the answer as in addition to the fact that most of them are not in their methylated state (the form the body requires in order to absorb them in the first place), they are isolates, which means are not part of the full spectrum required to do the job properly as it is when we get our B’s from natural sources broken down by the correct bacteria.

Put as simply as possible, if we are eating enough plant matter with the widest variety of bacteria to digest it, we have full-spectrum, total nutrition in perfect digested form. Ensuring that we eat enough fiber, pre-biotic material, ensures we get 100 000 of compounds and co-factors that Science has yet to discover. Who knew, we had the best health shop, with the most outrageous potential and quality, right in our lower digestive tract while spending fortunes on the wrong magic pill!!!. By taking supplements we are reducing a complex function down to one synthetically produced vitamin or mineral, not eating nearly enough prebiotics and robbing the body of all the benefits from it being a self-sustaining super organism that always has absolutely every nutrient, energy requirement and detoxification pathway available when it is needed.

The Cultivating Pure Life regime is individually designed with a view to ensuring that more than enough of the correct nutrients are consumed to feed your little guys, help them to colonize and in turn, symbiotically feed us with an abundance and generosity we have yet to dream of.


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