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Your most powerful resource

Your most powerful resource – Attention and where you place it

The Will is the power to control the magnetic field around you. Science has now proven that determination and will can cure disease, change circumstance or act to remove suffering. We must awaken and keep it alive, induce whatever state of mind is required, choose powerful and positive emotions and belief systems, as opposed to defaulting back to unconscious, preprogrammed belief systems placed their through family, social indoctrination and schooling, which employs the same repetitive, hypnotic techniques required to reprogram healthful, positive habits.

Faith can move mountains; with perseverance we can carry them away. With Forethought and suggestion we are able to reprogram any and all disease, addiction, thought form or negative aspect of self.

It does take time, start small, place reminder notes, remind yourself of your focus through breath , repetition and affirmation or mantra that will inspire you to remember the focus of your attention. Remember it has taken years of unconscious behavior and programming to get to this point, it will take three months to make a change you can count on. Setting a new default takes repetition, perseverance and faith.

We can subdue the habit of speaking out every worry, negativity, bigotry, gossiping and other complaining. Establish a fixed transformative outcome, and every time one becomes aware of the breaking of the commitment, stop speaking and spend a moment remembering the goal. This proves to the subconscious that it is better to conserve precious electric energy and action in favor of the desire. If every impulse from the sensory system is sent to the brain, then it stands to reason that the brain can send messages to the sensory organs. When we are unconscious we are governed by our five senses and gratifying the without conscious forethought if the thought, action or emotion serves us towards the goal, or if it detracts.

Reflect on the fact that if you would like to develop your will and create your life powerfully, then the first step is to gain control of your will, fix your attention on your need or want. Know exactly what you desire to achieve. Observe every detail of what you would like to manifest. Thought is the prayer, the emotional charge held around this belief system either attracts or repels. Perseverance and endurance are required to overcome doubt, self sabotage and outdated belief system.

Forethought is required to train the attention of suggestion, gradual persuasion of the nervous system, into the subconscious mind, making a new habit.   Place suggestions within a quiet mind repeatedly. It stimulates genius, the ability to visualize, excitement around the goal, overcoming the fear that is the demon that ambushes our greatness.

The human being has a latent, supernatural power through the use of the as yet untouched sub, or super conscious. This is kept secret by our habitual depression, self sabotage, fear of stepping out and other clever techniques we have practiced to keep ourselves unconscious.

There is a magnetic fluid in all organisms, including the human being. Integrated with the electric, neurological system of the human, combined with the field generated through the beat of the heart and brain. Training the mind to properly control its own field is the most optimal way of achieving this level of consciousness.

Meditation before sleeping, training the mind to hack a Theta brainwave space is the quickest way to change habit.   Aligning the left and right brain hemisphere’s in an Alpha, Theta or Delta frequency through the use of breath, binaural beats, TM or preferred meditation technique. It may well seem that your mind will jump and squirm and worm as you begin to watch how out of hand it has become.. Courage and discipline, combined with a deep desire for change will facilitate the passing of time. Resolve before going to sleep to break a habit, take the effort and action each following day. Just see yourself doing it. See the desire, the symbol that will inspire a visualization of what your life will look like with the addition of this abundance, health or relationship. Feel it, taste it, see it, be it!!! Banish the thoughts of fear, images of doubt as soon as they resonate through your mind, heart, and body.


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